Sunday, December 31, 2006

10000 Shekel prize and a true shot at fame!

Nu, now that I have your attention you may want to read this...

The attached poster invites designers to participate in a competition to create an independence day poster for Israel's coming Independence day.

Wanna give it a shot?...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Finally - Your work is now online

I have now put online a wide selection of pictures of your various projects.
If your work is not online it was either because:
  1. I didn't have a good enough photo of it.
  2. It wasn't worthy - in which case you should want to improve it, hand it in, and get the class to give you an opinion.

The link to the gallery is:

Post to your private blogs.
Show your friends.
See you in 2007.

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Holocaust Memorial Chain - Hannah Nelson's story

My first post was a spontaneous response to the cartoon, which I recieved from a friend in the mail. On Saturday I recieved the letter which follows:

Hi Mike,
You reached my daughter's e-mail, who is also an offspring of one holocaust survivor - me.
I work with her and so read your e-mail, and after many years got the urge today to respond with my story.

I was born in October 1938 to Lea (Weitzman) and Avraham Grossberg from Staszow, a small village in Poland. My young parents had the courage and resourcefulness to give me to a Polish woman and pay her to keep me through the war, in the promise that she will get paid also after the war.

My whole family from both sides was murdered only three (second and a more remote) cousins survived. After the war I was adopted in Poland by two survivors Mania Bornstein and Ben-Zion Burstein, each a sole survivor of their intimate families (both were married Mania had one child and the Ben-Zion had two children), as well as their original families, none for Ben-Zion and only three nephews and one daughter of a nephew from 10 brothers and sisters in the case of Mania. All of her brothers and sisters were with families as she and her twin were the youngest (don't know details about Ben-Zion).

When we arrived to Israel in 1950, I was a 12 years old girl and wanted to forget all the past and be just like the other kids, mainly to imitate the native children, meaning try to be like a "sabra" and not a frightened diaspora survivor. Therefore I did not asked too many questions and was even ashamed to talk about it.

My adoptive parents talked very little of the holocaust as well. I tried with all my might to suppress all and till now did not even visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Now I regret I did not ask more and tried to know more because of my children (I have three: Lee-Bath, Nirith and Ben).

Recently I learned that a neighbour of ours from Staszow survived, he fled as a young boy and joined the partizans and lives currently in Toronto. But he is old now and remembers little to tell me. I hope to meet with him as he has a relative in Israel and promised to contact me when he comes.

Maybe this is too long for my testimony, so if you send it to someone feel free to shorten it.

With thanks and best wishes for the coming New Year
Sincerely, Hannah Nelson

PS: A very impressive and smart cartoon.

Seeing as Hannah bothered to write down her testimony I think I had no choice but to publish it.

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Holocaust Memorial Chain

My father's name is Felix Darnell and he is eighty six years old.
My name is Mike Darnell and I am thirty two years old,making me probably one of the youngest people in the world belonging to the generation born to survivors of the Second World War.
Although born in Germany in 1920 my father had the good fortune of being sent to England by his parents in 1933, where he was joined by them slightly before Kristallnacht.

My father's family was spared the horrors of the Holocaust due to the simple fact that on a planned visit to my father in England, the atrocities commited in Germany reached a level that frightened my grandmother so much she refused to return home.

In 1942 my father, after spending a year together with my grandfather and nearly 2000 other Jewish German nationals, in an internment camp for "Enemy Aliens" situated in Hay - Australia, was released and allowed to join the British army after the British finally realized that the Jewish German inmates of the camp were not at any risk of serving as a fifth column for the Nazi regime.
The 1997 Jewish prisoners held at Hay are known as the "Duneira boys" and sadly fewer of them remain among us every year.

It was as a British soldier that my father entered Bergen Belsen on the 16.4.1945.

He marks the day in his diary every year but never talks about it.

It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War ended and my father's generation is passing from this world.
With the Iranian regime, among others, claiming the Holocaust to be "a myth" it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets the facts of this shameful episode in it's history because those who forget their past are condemned to repeat it.

I recieved this e-mail, added my personal story, and am forwarding it to you so that we can together create a chain of testimonies - irrefutable evidence - in memory of the six million Jews, and five million non Jews who were massacred by the Nazi regime, before and during the Second World War. We can learn from our mistakes and avoid another Holocaust as long as we keep the memory of it's terror alive.

Non Jewish victims of the Holocaust:

Testimony to the liberation of Bergen Belsen:

The Duneira boys:


Please join us by giving testimony, e-mail it to your friends, and become a link in the Holocaust memorial chain.

This is my sworn testimony.
Mike Darnell
Tria - websites
& graphic design

Monday, December 11, 2006

Line, Shell, Mass - Exercise 1

Present to the class an object that has personal meaning you.

  1. The presentation of the object should give an indication of the feelings and meaning that this object has for you.
  2. You are expected to start giving more thought to the cpomposition and design of youur presentations.
  3. the presentation should have separate 2D and a 3D components.

Good Luck



Final presentation of your window on a color is for next Thursday - 21.12.06.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Exercise 8

Hi All,

This is a quick exercise which is meant to allow you to continu working on your color projects.

  1. Select an object that you can get three copies of. Leave one copy as a reference.
  2. Change one of the copy's color so as to give the object a new meaning.
  3. Change one of the copy's texture so as to give the object a new meaning.

Best Luck


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Roman and I have a serious talk

----- Original Message -----
From: "Roman R. Rabinovich" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 7:47 PM
Subject: Re: No subject

Sitting in the library near to the computer , reading MARTI GUIXE book with his sketches(H20 gallery Berlin), becouse i have idea that i dont like sketches by the reason i have no skill to draw by pen.

This guy, Marty, he is reallly great. He is not connected to any design rules.

Hes just watching on his own life and repairing the thing around him for more time-updated and interest-updated form of being. And he is dont care about what design world is.

Maybe this is more personal way to explore design..but rules,rules,rules.

lesson was terrible, im really in a decay before-and-after, My decaying will finish only when i will understood how to think about what i want to do.

Becouse i think that all my time i spend on not effective work about projects of your course.

Ough, beside all this gibberish chit

  1. i have question- could you write for us a 200 termins,words in hebrew which used when we working verbally with design(on classes, auditoriums, presentations). i know it is not your business, but our hebrew teacher refused by the reason that she is not connected to the design.
  2. My blog is i expose there my works from what im doing now, which will not blaming me


Thinking "..this design school maybe just not a place for someone from our group"

----- Original Message -----
From: "Mike Darnell" <>
To: <>
Cc: "Sanderine Frej" <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 5:39 AM
Subject: Re: No subject

Hi Roman,

I'm not really sure I understand your argument. Are you trying to praise a lack of education? ignorance?

Is the experience of a single designer, talented though he may be, enough to throw out all conventional wisdom through the window?

Did you notice that Mr. Guixe's work, unique and subverssive as it is, is always presented in the most aesthetic and correct compositions possible?

Are you aware of the Mr. Guixe's progression over time? - The reason he could formulate his "Ex-Designer" philosophy is exactly because he is a master designer and deeply in touch with all the terms we are learning in class.

Marti Guixe's Website:

Article published regarding Mr Guixe's work:

The picture posted in this entry is of Marti Guixe's "Football Tape : Adhesive tape with a football pattern. Allows you to construct footballs. Works better if you stuff them with sports publications..."

Mr. Guixe can create a Gestalt vision of design because he is very much aware of what is around him, what came before him, how to make what he has to say interesting without the use of words and without being in the room, etc.

I think, dear Roman, that the time has come to wake up, and to realize that without hard work it is impossile to get results. You can start by creating a list of 200 design terms in hebrew with translations into English, Russian, French and Spanish.

You are absolutely correct in thinking that design school isn't the place for some of the people from our group. I feel the same way. However, I intend to give them a chance to prove me wrong until the last day of the semester, when I review the final panel presentations. Also,I intend to spend the time we have together until that day to do whatever it takes to help these people become designers, even if it isn't always pleasant...


Mike PS. I checked you blog out - very good work, I wish you would bring the same energy to our class.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Glenn Feron - The Art of Retouching

Dearest Students - Follows a link to Mr Glenn Feron's website - a wonderful/terrible example of how the advertising industry is creating impossible beauty ideals for us to strive to...

Glenn Feron - The Art of Retouching

Hope you are all hard at work on your projects. Still no calls or emails from anyone so i'm a bit worried...

On Thursday you re required to be at the Mediatheque at 13:00 oclock - make sure to get your tickets from Sandrine.

All the best,

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Exercise 6-7 – Color2 – Color > Persona > Presentation

You have been assigned a color, which you have started investigating through:Music, Food, Clothes, A story / film / book, Paintings Etc. You have selected a persona to work with as well.

Presentation 1 - Research Story Board – 27.11.06
Create a presentation of your research into the persona of your choice and of a storyboard (storyboard according to your own interpretation) of how this persona relates to the objects and the color of your choice. The storyboard can be a poster, a Powerpoint presentation, an animation clip or any other type of presentation THAT COMMUNICATES YOUR THEME.
Presentation 2 – Holon's Colored Light District - 4.12.06
Amsterdam is famous for it's Red Light District – where through the hazy red light one can glimpse in the windows all sorts of fantasies for sale...What sort of fantasy is your persona offering us in the colored light of it's window?


  1. You are academic students – research is a serious thing...
  2. Create sketches (drawings, small models) before actually creating your final piece – display these trials as part of your presentation.
  3. You are required to communicate a theme to the observer – does your presentation achieve the goal of communicating.
  4. Place you work in class or outside of it at the beginning of the lesson in a dignified manner that will maximize it's effect. The presentation is also part of the exercise.
  5. You are FREE – try and take advantage of this important right you have.
  6. DETAILS – everything counts even in small amounts, don't let your piece suffer because of crappy craftsmanship.

Good Luck,


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Instruction for the coming project

I have recieved e-mails and phone calls asking questions so:

You have each been assigned a color.

You were required to bring to class the following:
  1. Music relating to the color
  2. An article of clothing relating to the color
  3. Food relating to the color
  4. A book relating to the color
  5. Etc...

You are now all required to research a character, historical figure, celebrity, who relateto your color and create a story involving this person and relating to all the objects above, and more.

For Thursday I expect to see good solid beginnings of this research - you do not need to have your full presentation ready but you MUST have sketchs, photos, a storyboard, materials, etc.

We will have a studio class on Thursday - meaning that we will be working in class and I will be sitting with each of you personally to help you with your work. I expect you not to waste our time together...




This is a link to the Color Theory presentation I gave last lesson.

Runge's Color Sphere here

Further learning:

Friday, November 17, 2006

I forgot Noa...

Noa e-mailed me to say that I didn't pot a link to her Blog.

My mistake.




I hope that you are all working hard for Monday...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


One of you wanted to know when interesting things happen - this is a flier for a goth concert that stars Ms Ola Braverman, who used to be my student last year and is now in her second year at the machon (i hope).

i dont know how good these people are but solidarity requires that i help promote...

Mike Posted by Picasa

Dear Naughty Students

Due to the fact that not one of you is bothering to upload your course material onto your Blog I have decided to teach you an even easier method of uploading pics to Blogger based Blogs.

Picasa - Google's free image management software, which you can download here.

I strongly recommend using Picasa especially for your Blogger based Blog because Picasa and Blogger are fully integrated. You can upload photographic content to your Blog directly from Picasa and all the image manipulation (resize, etc.) can be done automatically - that's how i uploaded the picture on this page (just an example and of no importance besides.

Now that I have given you an even simpler turn you no longer have any excuses...


Mike Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 13, 2006

Marathon, Links, and Israeli Erotica.

Hello All,

Today you are going to be involoved in the presentations you have all prepared for "Cover" and I must say I am quite excited to see what you have all come up with.

The following are links to Israeli Forums and E-Zines dealing with Art and Culture, FYI:

Ynet's art forum - with over 400 active participants, by far Israel's largest Art forum. Mostly amateur work but some professionals as well. The members of this forum have organized a number of exhibitions over time. - Art, Culture, Media. A vibrant and exciting site dealing often with the cutting edge and the fringes. - This is more of a souped up Blog, to my taste, than an actual site, but has some original and interesting (if somewhat eclectic) content. Check it out.


The above image of mine is called 72 Virgins and is related to a bit of a discussion about Israeil Erotica that I am trying to provoke through my activities in the Dex community. My goal is to try and arrange an exhibition of Israeli Erotica. To see what all the buzz is about enter the community here (It's all hebrew - sorry). Other work of mine can be seen on my gallery at Dex.

Thats all for now, see you soon.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

This one is for Deborah

Deborah asked if I could upload the presentation I gave about Xenophobia.
Well - Here it is

I hope you find it useful.

The image I posted here is an original by myself called Kapital Socialism.

The image refers to the saddening fact that my beloved cranes are the harbringers of doom for all that is old and true and are in fact the Blitzkreig soldiers of the Capitalist Real Estate empire.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Exercise 4 – Line vs. Plane - 2D vs. 3D – Emotions through abstract


Using materials of your choice create a single black and white structure based on one or more of the collages you created in the last assignment and conveying an emotion of your choice.

Bring the collages on which you based you structure to class and display them near your structure.


  1. What is the relationship between your 2D and 3D presentations?
  2. Are you taking full advantage of the possibilities that a 3D structure enables?
  3. Create sketches (drawings, small models) before actually creating your final piece – display these trials as part of your presentation.
  4. Examine your creation from various angles – what new information do we learn by studying the structure from different angles.
  5. This exercise deals with the fundamental elements of all 2D and 3D discussions
  6. Place you work in class at the beginning of the lesson in a dignified manner that will maximize it's effect. The presentation is also part of the exercise.

    Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Exercise 3 – Point vs. Line - 1D vs. 2D – Emotions through abstract

Four 40cm*40cm sheets of 180/240 gr' Bristol paper.

Using an unlimited number of cutout forms of lines and points create two black and white collages conveying two different emotions of your choice.

Create two black and white compositions , conveying two different emotions of your choice, with only 3 points and 3 lines MAXIMUM for both compositions. You may divide the shapes between the formats as you wish. You may use any technique you wish.


  1. Remember what we discussed in the class.
  2. Is it possible to create a mood within such restrictions?
  3. You are handing in four formats. What is the connection between them?
  4. Notice the relationship between your work and the format – use it to your benefit.
  5. Create a number of sketches before actually creating your final pieces – display these trials as part of your presentation.
  6. Examine your creations from various distances – what effect do they achieve at different viewpoints?
  7. This exercise deals with the fundamental elements of all 2D and 3D discussions
  8. Hang you work in class at the beginning of the lesson in a dignified manner that will maximize it's effect. The presentation is also part of the exercise.

Good Luck!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Point and Line the fundamentals of design

"Good composition is like a suspension bridge - each line adds strength and takes none away." Robert Henri (1865 - 1929) US painter

Follow a number of links to articles which relate to these foundations of the design language as defined by the masters at the Bauhaus school (specifically Kandinsky and Klee).

Make a point of discovering more resources and publishing them on your Blogs.

Good Luck,

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mazal Tov Salome!!!

One by one we are going online...

Give a warm hand of applause to Salome who has put her new Blog onlilne over the weekend.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A few nice links for the weekend

  1. - Featuring photography and music by international artists.

  2. - F-stop magazine is an online photography magazine for fine art and documentary photography published bi-monthly.
  3. - This exhibition is about how Leonardo da Vinci thought on paper.

Oy It's so much nicer using Blogger with an Internet connection that works... And now Exercise 2!

תרגיל מס' 2 – קומפוזיציה שחור לבן

מטרת התרגיל:
הסטודנט ילמד מושגי יסוד בקומפוזיציה דו מימדית

ארבעה בריסטולים, 180/240 גר', בגודל 40x40 סמ'. צמד אחד בריסטול לבן, צמד שני בריסטול שחור.

תיאור התרגיל:
על גבי הפורמטים, בעזרת צורות גאומטריות משלושה סוגים:
מרובעים בעלי זויות ישרות (רבועים או מלבנים), עיגולים, משולשים, יש לבצע קומפוזיציות עפ"י הכללים הבאים:
על גבי הבריסטול הלבן יש לעבוד עם צורות שחורות. ועל גבי הבריסטול השחור יש לעבוד עם צורות לבנות.
בכל צמד יש לייצר קומפוזיציה אחת בה יש שימוש בצורה אחת מכל סוג וקומפוזיציה אחת בה אין הגבלה על כמות הצורות המופיעות.

ליישם בהרכבת הקומפוזיציה עקרונות שהוזכרו בדיון האחרון:
דינאמיות / סטטאטיות.
יחס לפורמט.
התחלה - אמצע – סוף.
דגש - מוקד עניין.
עיקר וטפל.
קצב – הרמוניה / דיסהרמוניה
שימו לב להשפעת צבע הפורמט על אופי העבודה.
בדקו האם הקומפוזיציה שלכם מעניינת.
ודאו כי העבודה עשויה כהלכה.

בהצלחה !

Mazal Tov Yana!!!

Yes, Yes, Yana has a blog...

I hope It's not full of nasty things about me : - (
It's all in Russian...

Now all you all need to do is start posting you work on your Blogs and my world will be perfect...

Warmest Regards,Mike

Exercise 1 - Static and Dynamic Compostions

One sheet of sketch paper 100cm*70cm
Two sheets of Bristol paper 30cm*30cm

Using a pencil draw on a sheet of sketch paper, 100cm*70cm in size, a continuous line describing your trip to Israel.

Select one portion of the line that you feel is Static and one portion of the line that you feel is Dynamic.

Frame each section with a 25cm*25cm square drawn with a fine black pen on the sketch paper.
Copy and enlarge these lines on two separate sheets of bristol 40cm*40cm in size using a black medium of your choice (pencils, pens, ink, brushes, etc.)

Notice the relationship between your line and the format.
The creation of a line also defines the space surrounding the line.
Create a number of sketches for the line, test a number of options for each enlargement – display these trials as part of your presentation.
Examine your creation from various distances – what effect does it achieve at different viewpoints?

I wish you a fruitful and fun semester!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

A moment before we begin...

Next week we finally start studying.
I can't tell you how excited I am.
I hope you are too.

We will be learning in class 201 in the Design school's building on Mondays (0900-1300) and Thursdays (1400-1800).

For our first meeting all you need to bring is a pencil, a black pen, a ruler, and a few 100cm*70cm sheets of paper (the cheapest kind possible).

I just spoke to Sandrine and we both wish to make the following clarification:
You are all required to attend the Foundations of Design course. Those of you who have advanced knowledge will be given assignments suitable for your level.

I'm very disappointed to say that only five students bothered to send over their course choices.
Don't come crying to me when your applications get denied...

I'm also not very pleased with the Blog progress. So far only Benjamin and Maya have opened up Blogs like I requested.

But this will all change soon enough,
trust me...

Friday, September 29, 2006

A new powerful social networking and blog platform in Hebrew

I've recently run into a very powerful Israeli, web 2.0, networking and blogging portal that you can use instead of blogger for your personal blogs.


They have some server problems - but they have a very neat toolset.



Hi All - Just before the big boredom of Yom Kippur...

This post has links to a number of exciting and intersting online at magazines - mostly centered around photography but no only.
Check them out and enjoy:

FStop Photography magazine
MoonCruise - Photography and Music
IdeaFixa - A Brazilian art magazine and my personal favorite from the list
Gomma - An online photography magazine

I'm still waiting for blogs postings from nearly all of you as well as your course preferences for the coming semester.

The chair in the picture was submitted to the Israeli Design Exhibition that Tria arranged last year.


This is a link to Maya Ober's website. Maya should be joining us in mid October.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Invitation to an exhibition opening

Happy Dead End

אדם שר

תערוכה חדשה בבית האמנים, תל אביב
אוצר: ניר הרמט

פתיחה 5.10.06 בשעה 19:30, נעילה 4.11.06
בית האמנים ע"ש יוסף זריצקי, אלחריזי 9, ת"א.

ב'- ה' 10:00- 13:00, 17:00 - 19:00
ו' 13:00-10:00, שבת 13:00-11:00

בימים הקרובים תתקיים חשיפה מוקדמת של העבודות לאספנים ומבקרים בסטודיו של האמן.
לתאום ולפרטים נוספים: 054-7252858

התערוכה Happy Dead End מביאה סדרת ציורי שמן של דמויות דיסני מוגדלות, המועתקות מבובות קטנות מידה.
אלו הם פוחלצי ענק, פוחלצים של תרבות ההמונים. בעוד הדימויים המצוירים, הקלאסיים, מלווים את העולם המערבי כאייקון נוסטלגי, חינוכי, נאיבי.

שר מפיח בהם רוח חדשה; הדמויות המובאות בתערוכה איבדו את תמימותן. הן מקיימות אקט חיקויי אשר מביא דימוי מאיים, כמעט מפלצתי שלהן. הן מביאות ריח חמוץ, מקולקל של תרבות ההמונים, של נוסטלגיה שפג תוקפה, פגו זכויות היוצרים עליה והיא מופקרת, בלויה, חשופה לפגעי הזמן והביקורת. היא מייצרת תהליך של הינתקות מן המקור אל עצמאות שהיא "יותר אמיתית מהמציאות עצמה", היפר – מציאות.

אדם שר, נ. 1969, חי ויוצר בתל אביב. בוגר המרכז ללמודי עיצוב, ויטל.
ממייסדי קבוצת אמנים 'סלונה'. הוא מבטא גישה אקטיביסטית באמנות, המתבטאת ביזמות של אירועי אמנות, תערוכות ופעילות קהילתית. בעבודותיו, שר יוצר דיאלוג בינו לבין הסביבה, ומשקף אותה דרך דימויים המושאלים מסביבתו האורבנית, מתרבות הצריכה ומתקשורת. הוא מתכתב עם סביבתו היומיומית, 'מתרגם' אותה לשפתו ומעניק לה מעמד איקוני.

תערוכת יחיד אחרונה - City Spots בגלריה Raw Art, 2006, ומספר תערוכות קבוצתיות.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There is no future without a past

Hi All,

I have uploaded onto my studio's website a presentation of the work done in
Mr Gilad Duvshani's and my Foundations of Design class during the summer semester of 2006.

You are invited to browse through the presentation and get a feel for what lies ahead.

View the presentation here

Shana Tova and Gmar Chatima Tova,

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Dear People,

Please send in your preferences for the extra courses for next ASAP.
So far I have only recieved 4 mails of which one was gibberish (from a account)...


I will be in the Mediatheque at Holon to take part in a design seminar for Palestinian designers next Tuesday 19.9.06. If any of you wishes to take advantage of my availability and meet up I'll be more than happy : - )

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Deadline to enter CMYK magazine's Call For Aspiring Creatives

A quick reminder that the deadline to enter CMYK magazine's Call For Aspiring Creatives 36 is Friday, September 15, 2006.

Nearly 100 pieces will be published in this edition of CMYK magazine, as well as online. CMYK's new site launches fall 2006.

CMYK's quarterly contests are open to all students, recent graduates, and those considered self-taught in the areas of Advertising, Design, Illustration and Photography.

To download entry forms, please visit

Invitation to a new exhibition at Periscope Gallery - Israel's prime Design Gallery

Periscope gallery exhibition Thursday 14.09.06 20:00

Friday, September 08, 2006

A nice quote about Good Design

In his landmark book The Design of Everyday Things, Donald Norman writes:

"The human mind is exquisitely tailored to make sense of the world. Give it the slightest clue and off it goes, providing explanation, rationalization, understanding.
Well-designed objects are easy to interpret and understand -
They contain visible clues to their operation. Poorly designed objects can be difficult or frustrating to use. They provide no clues–or sometimes false clues. They trap the user and thwart the normal process of interpretation and understanding..."

Well worth takng into account when thinking about design.

Shabbat Shalom

Thursday, September 07, 2006

So we finally meet...

I was very happy to finally meet all of you this Tuesday and I think we were all well impressed with the projects that were displayed in class. It's going to be quite an experience teaching you this coming year and I look forward to it.

Kudos to Benjamin - he is the first (and only) one to start a Blog so far and I have attached a link from the course blog to his - check it out.

I also imagine that if it was technical issues that stopped you so far that Benjamin will be more than happy to assist....

So get Blogging!!!

You are in Jerusalem now, and will be for the next few days. I faxed Sarah Lash a list of all the events happening tonight in the Jerusalem art scene - there are 2 exhibition openenings with free performances (and maybe some food and booze as well if you are lucky...)

A good site to check up alternative culture events in Jerusalem is

They also link to a nice radio station.

That's it for now.

PS Please remember to e-mail your course preferences to me ASAP.

On Tuesday 12.9.06 there will be an exhibition opening at the Mediatek in Holon at 20:00.
The exhibition is for illustrations done for a book of Ehud Manor's songs (Ehud Manor - the late Israeli song-writer and cultural icon).

Entrance is free (again might have food and booze as well...) all you need to do is RSVP
at the following number: 03-5021555.

"מילים: אהוד מנור"
טקס הפתיחה של תערוכת האיורים והשקת הספר: "מילים: אהוד מנור"
תערוכת האיורים של אגודת המאיירים בישראל בשיתוף המרכז הישראלי לעיצוב - מדיטק חולון, מזמינים אתכם לטקס הפתיחה של תערוכת האיורים והשקת הספר: "מילים: אהוד מנור", בהוצאת ידיעות ספרים.הטקס יתקיים ביום שלישי, 12.09.06, 20:00, במדיטק - שד’ גולדה מאיר 6, חולוןהכניסה ללא תשלום, מותנית באישור השתתפות בטלפון: 03-5021555, שלוחה 259, או בפקס: 03-5021544במעמד:גב’ עליזה אולמרט (מותנה במצב)גב’ עפרה מנור פוקסמר מוטי ששון, ראש העיר חולון ...

... למידע נוסף



Friday, September 01, 2006

Kudos Patricia and Deborah!

Hello All,
Yesterday I was very pleased to meet, even briefly, Deborah and Patricia, who made the effort and came to Jerusalem to the Csides Festival's last night.
I hope you enjoyed yourselves... I know I did - It's not very often that I find myself returning home at 6 in the morning.
Very few of you actually answer my emails, which is very sad...
We should all finally be meeting each other on Tuesday 5.9. at 15:00 in Holon. BRING PORTFOLIOS and/or examples of your work.
I still haven't recieved any URL's for your course BLOGS - what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Invitation to Csides festival

Hello All,

Those of you who want to come to the Csides Digital Media and Electronic Music festival held at the Jerusalem Convention Center this week can meet me there. I will meet those of you who want to come at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station on Thursday 31.8.06 at 16:00

Info regarding the festival:
Tickets wil cost 50 shekel per person

Hope to see you there,
Tel 054-5599595

יסודות העיצוב למשתתפי פרוייקט "מסע" - סיליבוס בעברית

המכון הטכנולוגי חולון - ביה"ס לעיצוב
View this syllabus in English

מייק דרנל –
טלפון: 054-5599595

מטרות הקורס
  1. הסטודנט ילמד את יסודות של שפת העיצוב החזותית וירכוש כלים ליצירת שיח בשפה זו.
  2. הסטודנט ילמד ויחווה את עקרונות העיצוב היסודיים הבאים: קומפוזיציה בדו ותלת מימד, צבע, טקסטורה, דוגמה, אובייקט, חלל, מרחב, הפשטה ועוד.
  3. הסטודנטים יחוו את התהליך העיצובי כתהליך יצירתי ואינטלקטואלי המבוסס על ערכים תרבותיים ואסוציאטיביים המשוייכים לזמן ולמקום.
  4. הסטודנטים ילמדו הרגלי ותהליכי עבודה עיצוביים ויחלו לגבש לעצמם הרגלי עבודה משלהם.
  5. הסטודנטים ייחשפו לעולם העיצוב והאומנות הישראלי.

תוכן הקורס

  1. הגשות בשחור לבן של קומפוזיציות בדו-תלת מימד העשויות מחומרים מוגדרים, המובילות לדיונים בכיתה במושגים: פרופורציה, משקל, צורה, נקודה, קו, מישור, פורמט.
  2. הגשות בצבע של קומפוזיציות בדו-תלת מימד העשויות מחומרים מוגדרים וחפצים Ready-Made, המובילות לדיונים בכיתה במושגים: הבעה, רגש, אסוציאציה וההקשרים שלהם למושגים בסעיף 1.
  3. הגשות של קומפוזיציות מורכבות בדו-תלת מימד המשלבות את כל המושגים שנדונו בסעיפים הקודמים והמובילות לדיונים בכיתה במושגים: חלל, מרחב, פונקציה, נפח, קליפה וכד'.

שיטת ההדרכה בקורס

  • שיעורי סטודיו - המשלבים הנחיה אישית הניתנת לסטודנטים אחד-על-אחד או בקבוצות קטנות לפרוייקט בו עוסקת הכיתה.
  • הגשות - דיונים קונסטרוקטיביים המציינים את הנקודות לשימור ושיפור בפרוייקטים עליהם עבדו הסטודנטים בכיתה או בבית.
  • הרצאות - במהלך הקורס תתקיימנה שני סוגים של הרצאות: הרצאת מנחה – בד"כ תבוא בעת הצגת מושג חדש ביסודות העיצוב. הרצאת סטודנט – תינתן בתחילת כל שיעור ותעסוק במעצב או אמן ישראלי/בינלאומי.
  • סיורים - מתוכננים שני סיורים למוזיאונים וגלריות במהלך הסמסטר.

נוכחות, ציונים ומדיניות בקורס

  • בלוג - כל סטודנט נדרש לפתוח בלוג באתר בעברית או באנגלית. הבלוג הוא חיוני על מנת לאפשר דו שיח בין הסטודנטים לבין עצמם ובין הסטודנטים למנחים בין המפגשים בכיתה, ואף מאפשר לסטודנטים להציג לחבריהם והוריהם בחו"ל את הנעשה בלימודים.
  • השתתפות - אנו מעודדים סטודנטים להשתתף באופן פעיל בדיונים בכיתה ולהביע את עמדותיהם גם כאשר הן עמדות מיעוט או כאשר הן מנוגדות לעמדות המנחים. מעצב טוב הוא אדם בעל דעה אשר אינו מתבייש להשמיע אותה.
  • נוכחות - חלה חובת נוכחות על כל הסטודנטים בכל השיעורים בקורס. במידה וסטודנט נאלץ להיעדר משיעור עליו/ה להודיע על כך למנחים מראש. היעדרות ללא הודעה מראש וללא סיבה מוצדקת תגרום לפגיעה בציונו הסופי של הסטודנט בקורס.
  • איחורים - סטודנט המאחר למעלה מחמש דקות לשיעור לא יורשה להיכנס לכיתה עד להפסקה. סטודנט אשר יאחר למעלה משלוש פעמים לשיעור יגרום לפגיעה בציונו הסופי בקורס.
  • מסירת הגשות - חלה חובה להגיש את כל התרגילים בקורס. במידה וסטודנט חש כי לא יספיק לסיים מטלה בזמן עליו להודיע על כך מראש למנחי הקורס. אי מסירת הגשה ללא הודעה מראש וללא סיבה מוצדקת תגרום לפגיעה בציונו הסופי של הסטודנט בקורס.
  • ציונים - ציונים ינתנו על סמך ההשתתפות בכיתה ועל סמך העבודות שהוגשו בקורס כפי שהן תוצגנה בפאנל סוף הסמסטר.
  • הפאנל- הפאנל הוא אירוע הנערך בסיום כל סמסטר והמסכם את עבודת הסטודנטים בסמסטר החולף. הסטודנטים יידרשו לעצב קיר תצוגה המציג את מירב העבודות אותן ביצעו במהלך הסמסטר ולהגיש דיסק המכיל תמונות של כל הפרוייקטים אותם ביצעו במהלך הסמסטר החולף.

שירותים הקיימים במכון

במכון קיימים מספר שירותים העומדים לרשות הסטודנטים במהלך הלימודים:

  • ספריה
  • מעבדות מחשבים
  • סדנאות
  • מדשאות – מקום מצוין לחשיבה ולעבודה על סקיצות


זוהי רשימה של ציוד אשר עשוי להיות שימושי במהלך הלימודים בקורס. אל תקנו ציוד כלשהו עד אשר ברור לכם כי יש לכם צורך בו.

  • עפרונות
  • עטים
  • מכחולים
  • · צבעים
  • סרגלים, סרגל מתכת
  • סכין יפני, מספריים
  • משטח חיתוך
  • דבקים

בהצלחה!!! מייק

Friday, August 25, 2006

HIT - School of Design
Course Syllabus: Foundations Of Design

Course Hours
Monday 9:00-13:00, Thursday 14:00-18:00
for a total of 8 weekly credit hours

Course Instructors
Mike Darnell, Anat Litan and all of you people.

Phone: 054-5599595

Phone: 054-5549445

Course Goals

  1. Students will learn the foundations of the visual language of Design and gain a common basis for dialog.
  2. Students will learn and experience first-hand the following fundamental principals of Design: 2D and 3D Composition, Color, Texture, Pattern, Object, Space, Abstraction.
  3. Students will experience first-hand the Design process as a creative and intellectual effort based on cultural and associative factors related to Place, and Time – Zeitgeist.
  4. Students will learn Designers' work processes and practices and begin to develop and interpret them to suit their personal style.
  5. Students will be introduced to the Israeli art and design scene.

Course Content

  1. Presentations of Black and White 2D and 3D compositions made of predefined materials leading to discussions regarding proportion, weight, shape, point, line, plane, format, and the relationships between all the above.
  2. Presentations of 2D and 3D Color compositions made of predefined materials and ready made items leading to discussions regarding expression, emotion, feeling, function, association, cultural icons and their relationship with the points discussed above in paragraph 1.
  3. Presentations of evolved 2D and 3D compositions involving all the points discussed above and introducing new terms such as: shell, volume, space, etc.

Course Instructional Methods
The course is composed of studio lessons, presentations, lectures and field trips

  • Studio lessons - Involve personal instruction given to students regarding the topical exercise currently being discussed in the class. Instruction will be given on a one-on-one basis or small groups while the class is engaged in work on the task at hand.
  • Presentations - Involve constructive class discussions of the merits and weak points of assignments completed during studio lessons or at home.
  • Lectures - Two types of lectures will be given during the course:
    Instructors' lectures will usually be given as an introduction to a new fundamental principle of design. Students lectures will be given at the beginning of most classes and will introduce an Israeli or international artist or designer.
  • Field Trips - Two field trips are planned for the semester to Galleries and Museums displaying Israeli Art and Design.

Course Policies

  • Blog – You are all required to run a Blog at in English/Hebrew discussing your experiences in class and displaying your projects and sketches. This Blog is a vital requirement for the course as it will allow you to communicate with us, yourselves and your friends and family abroad.
  • Attendance – Attendance is required at all lessons as each one of you is responsible not only for your own development but also for the development of your classmates. If you wish to miss out on a class for whatever reason you are required to notify us by phone/mail at the earliest possible time. Students missing out on a lesson without permission will have a demerit counted against themselves for grading purposes.
  • Lateness – Students arriving over five minutes late to the lesson will not be allowed to enter the class until the next break. Students accumulating three instances of lateness will have a demerit counted against themselves for grading purposes.
  • Participation – You are strongly encouraged to participate in class debates and voice your opinions. We will not judge you based on your opinions no matter how extreme they may seem to you.
    Good designers should have strong opinions about nearly everything : - )
  • Missed Assignments – If you feel that you will not be able to complete an assignment on time you are required to notify us by phone/mail at the earliest possible time. Students missing out on an assignment without notifying us in advance will have a demerit counted against themselves for grading purposes.
  • Grading – Grades will be given at the end of semester and will be based on your performance and participation during the semester and on the presentation of your projects as you choose to display them at the end of the semester “Panel”.
  • The Panel is an event held at the end of the semester in which you will be required to display all of the work you have done during the semester in a well designed personal display backed up by a CD containing pictures of all your work and your Blog as well.

Facilities at your disposal
HIT has a number of facilities that you will find extremely useful in completing your course assignments and projects. We strongly suggest that you familiarize yourselves with these facilities ASAP.
● Library
● Workshops
● Computer Labs
● Garden and Lawn (great for sitting thinking and sketching)

Follows a list of equipment you may find useful in the course.
● Pencils
● Pens
● Brushes
● Paints
● Metal ruler
● Japanese knife (Box Cutter)
● Cutting surface
● Scissors
● Glues

We wish you a fruitful and fun semester!!!
Mike and Anat

סטודיו טריא לבניית אתרי אינטרנט

Hello All and Welcome to our course Blog

Hi All,

This is the first posting for the Foundations of Design course at the HIT Blog.

Currently Anat Litan and myself are finalizing the course syllabus (in fact we have a meeting later on today...)

You should all be aware that a Blog on "Blogger" recording your experiences in this course , and linked to this Blog is a fundamental requirement for the course so I suggest you all start Blogging ASAP.

I want you all to start of by posting on your personal Blogs the portfolios you so graciously sent me.

Those of you who haven't yet sent me your Portfolio - now would be the right time to do so...

Lets get Busy

Israel Art Calendar