Thursday, November 23, 2006

Exercise 6-7 – Color2 – Color > Persona > Presentation

You have been assigned a color, which you have started investigating through:Music, Food, Clothes, A story / film / book, Paintings Etc. You have selected a persona to work with as well.

Presentation 1 - Research Story Board – 27.11.06
Create a presentation of your research into the persona of your choice and of a storyboard (storyboard according to your own interpretation) of how this persona relates to the objects and the color of your choice. The storyboard can be a poster, a Powerpoint presentation, an animation clip or any other type of presentation THAT COMMUNICATES YOUR THEME.
Presentation 2 – Holon's Colored Light District - 4.12.06
Amsterdam is famous for it's Red Light District – where through the hazy red light one can glimpse in the windows all sorts of fantasies for sale...What sort of fantasy is your persona offering us in the colored light of it's window?


  1. You are academic students – research is a serious thing...
  2. Create sketches (drawings, small models) before actually creating your final piece – display these trials as part of your presentation.
  3. You are required to communicate a theme to the observer – does your presentation achieve the goal of communicating.
  4. Place you work in class or outside of it at the beginning of the lesson in a dignified manner that will maximize it's effect. The presentation is also part of the exercise.
  5. You are FREE – try and take advantage of this important right you have.
  6. DETAILS – everything counts even in small amounts, don't let your piece suffer because of crappy craftsmanship.

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