Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Roman and I have a serious talk

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Sitting in the library near to the computer , reading MARTI GUIXE book with his sketches(H20 gallery Berlin), becouse i have idea that i dont like sketches by the reason i have no skill to draw by pen.

This guy, Marty, he is reallly great. He is not connected to any design rules.

Hes just watching on his own life and repairing the thing around him for more time-updated and interest-updated form of being. And he is dont care about what design world is.

Maybe this is more personal way to explore design..but rules,rules,rules.

lesson was terrible, im really in a decay before-and-after, My decaying will finish only when i will understood how to think about what i want to do.

Becouse i think that all my time i spend on not effective work about projects of your course.

Ough, beside all this gibberish chit

  1. i have question- could you write for us a 200 termins,words in hebrew which used when we working verbally with design(on classes, auditoriums, presentations). i know it is not your business, but our hebrew teacher refused by the reason that she is not connected to the design.
  2. My blog is i expose there my works from what im doing now, which will not blaming me


Thinking "..this design school maybe just not a place for someone from our group"

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Hi Roman,

I'm not really sure I understand your argument. Are you trying to praise a lack of education? ignorance?

Is the experience of a single designer, talented though he may be, enough to throw out all conventional wisdom through the window?

Did you notice that Mr. Guixe's work, unique and subverssive as it is, is always presented in the most aesthetic and correct compositions possible?

Are you aware of the Mr. Guixe's progression over time? - The reason he could formulate his "Ex-Designer" philosophy is exactly because he is a master designer and deeply in touch with all the terms we are learning in class.

Marti Guixe's Website:

Article published regarding Mr Guixe's work:

The picture posted in this entry is of Marti Guixe's "Football Tape : Adhesive tape with a football pattern. Allows you to construct footballs. Works better if you stuff them with sports publications..."

Mr. Guixe can create a Gestalt vision of design because he is very much aware of what is around him, what came before him, how to make what he has to say interesting without the use of words and without being in the room, etc.

I think, dear Roman, that the time has come to wake up, and to realize that without hard work it is impossile to get results. You can start by creating a list of 200 design terms in hebrew with translations into English, Russian, French and Spanish.

You are absolutely correct in thinking that design school isn't the place for some of the people from our group. I feel the same way. However, I intend to give them a chance to prove me wrong until the last day of the semester, when I review the final panel presentations. Also,I intend to spend the time we have together until that day to do whatever it takes to help these people become designers, even if it isn't always pleasant...


Mike PS. I checked you blog out - very good work, I wish you would bring the same energy to our class.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Glenn Feron - The Art of Retouching

Dearest Students - Follows a link to Mr Glenn Feron's website - a wonderful/terrible example of how the advertising industry is creating impossible beauty ideals for us to strive to...

Glenn Feron - The Art of Retouching

Hope you are all hard at work on your projects. Still no calls or emails from anyone so i'm a bit worried...

On Thursday you re required to be at the Mediatheque at 13:00 oclock - make sure to get your tickets from Sandrine.

All the best,

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Exercise 6-7 – Color2 – Color > Persona > Presentation

You have been assigned a color, which you have started investigating through:Music, Food, Clothes, A story / film / book, Paintings Etc. You have selected a persona to work with as well.

Presentation 1 - Research Story Board – 27.11.06
Create a presentation of your research into the persona of your choice and of a storyboard (storyboard according to your own interpretation) of how this persona relates to the objects and the color of your choice. The storyboard can be a poster, a Powerpoint presentation, an animation clip or any other type of presentation THAT COMMUNICATES YOUR THEME.
Presentation 2 – Holon's Colored Light District - 4.12.06
Amsterdam is famous for it's Red Light District – where through the hazy red light one can glimpse in the windows all sorts of fantasies for sale...What sort of fantasy is your persona offering us in the colored light of it's window?


  1. You are academic students – research is a serious thing...
  2. Create sketches (drawings, small models) before actually creating your final piece – display these trials as part of your presentation.
  3. You are required to communicate a theme to the observer – does your presentation achieve the goal of communicating.
  4. Place you work in class or outside of it at the beginning of the lesson in a dignified manner that will maximize it's effect. The presentation is also part of the exercise.
  5. You are FREE – try and take advantage of this important right you have.
  6. DETAILS – everything counts even in small amounts, don't let your piece suffer because of crappy craftsmanship.

Good Luck,


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Instruction for the coming project

I have recieved e-mails and phone calls asking questions so:

You have each been assigned a color.

You were required to bring to class the following:
  1. Music relating to the color
  2. An article of clothing relating to the color
  3. Food relating to the color
  4. A book relating to the color
  5. Etc...

You are now all required to research a character, historical figure, celebrity, who relateto your color and create a story involving this person and relating to all the objects above, and more.

For Thursday I expect to see good solid beginnings of this research - you do not need to have your full presentation ready but you MUST have sketchs, photos, a storyboard, materials, etc.

We will have a studio class on Thursday - meaning that we will be working in class and I will be sitting with each of you personally to help you with your work. I expect you not to waste our time together...




This is a link to the Color Theory presentation I gave last lesson.

Runge's Color Sphere here

Further learning:

Friday, November 17, 2006

I forgot Noa...

Noa e-mailed me to say that I didn't pot a link to her Blog.

My mistake.




I hope that you are all working hard for Monday...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


One of you wanted to know when interesting things happen - this is a flier for a goth concert that stars Ms Ola Braverman, who used to be my student last year and is now in her second year at the machon (i hope).

i dont know how good these people are but solidarity requires that i help promote...

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Dear Naughty Students

Due to the fact that not one of you is bothering to upload your course material onto your Blog I have decided to teach you an even easier method of uploading pics to Blogger based Blogs.

Picasa - Google's free image management software, which you can download here.

I strongly recommend using Picasa especially for your Blogger based Blog because Picasa and Blogger are fully integrated. You can upload photographic content to your Blog directly from Picasa and all the image manipulation (resize, etc.) can be done automatically - that's how i uploaded the picture on this page (just an example and of no importance besides.

Now that I have given you an even simpler turn you no longer have any excuses...


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Monday, November 13, 2006

Marathon, Links, and Israeli Erotica.

Hello All,

Today you are going to be involoved in the presentations you have all prepared for "Cover" and I must say I am quite excited to see what you have all come up with.

The following are links to Israeli Forums and E-Zines dealing with Art and Culture, FYI:

Ynet's art forum - with over 400 active participants, by far Israel's largest Art forum. Mostly amateur work but some professionals as well. The members of this forum have organized a number of exhibitions over time. - Art, Culture, Media. A vibrant and exciting site dealing often with the cutting edge and the fringes. - This is more of a souped up Blog, to my taste, than an actual site, but has some original and interesting (if somewhat eclectic) content. Check it out.


The above image of mine is called 72 Virgins and is related to a bit of a discussion about Israeil Erotica that I am trying to provoke through my activities in the Dex community. My goal is to try and arrange an exhibition of Israeli Erotica. To see what all the buzz is about enter the community here (It's all hebrew - sorry). Other work of mine can be seen on my gallery at Dex.

Thats all for now, see you soon.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

This one is for Deborah

Deborah asked if I could upload the presentation I gave about Xenophobia.
Well - Here it is

I hope you find it useful.

The image I posted here is an original by myself called Kapital Socialism.

The image refers to the saddening fact that my beloved cranes are the harbringers of doom for all that is old and true and are in fact the Blitzkreig soldiers of the Capitalist Real Estate empire.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Exercise 4 – Line vs. Plane - 2D vs. 3D – Emotions through abstract


Using materials of your choice create a single black and white structure based on one or more of the collages you created in the last assignment and conveying an emotion of your choice.

Bring the collages on which you based you structure to class and display them near your structure.


  1. What is the relationship between your 2D and 3D presentations?
  2. Are you taking full advantage of the possibilities that a 3D structure enables?
  3. Create sketches (drawings, small models) before actually creating your final piece – display these trials as part of your presentation.
  4. Examine your creation from various angles – what new information do we learn by studying the structure from different angles.
  5. This exercise deals with the fundamental elements of all 2D and 3D discussions
  6. Place you work in class at the beginning of the lesson in a dignified manner that will maximize it's effect. The presentation is also part of the exercise.

    Good Luck!!!

Israel Art Calendar