Monday, December 31, 2007

CamTrack - Enhance Your Webcam & Video Chat Experience

A funky small app that will Enhance Your Webcam & Video Chat Experience.

I must admit that I know the bloke that began this and he is one hell of a smart cookie...

Welcome to DMI

The DMI (Design Management Institute) is an international NPO seeking to heighten awareness to design as an inseparable component of business strategy.

This website has the amount of resources you would expect from an organization established more than 30 years ago... (1975)

Welcome to DMI

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stone Pages Archaeo News: World's oldest wall painting unearthed in Syria

This is a very interesting story about an 11,000 year old wall painting found in Syria.
Can you guess which modern master's work it resembles...
Hint - he taught Israeli painter Mordechai Ardon...

Stone Pages Archaeo News: World's oldest wall painting unearthed in Syria

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Flauntr is an online photo-editing tool based on the Adobe's new Flex technology.

Try it out by clicking the button at the top of the right column - and while your at it check out all the other new widgets available on the right column,
like send-to-a-friend and feed subscription.

And make us all proud tomorrow

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kraftwerk - Saba Electro

So Electronic music, where does it all begin?
Possibly with these guys:

Established in the early 1970s, and widely recognized as the granddads of the sound we now call "Electro".

See these as well:

(very cool site - also shows the guys know how to laugh at themselves - always fun...)

Kraftwerk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Monday, December 17, 2007

Exercise 11 - Things that go bump in the night - the research

The research for exercise 11 is now online - enjoy...

Picasa Web Albums - Mike - Exercise 11 -...

As for the exercise itself:

Exercise 11 – Things that go bump in the night…

יאמר אלהים ישרצו המים שרץ נפש חיה ועוף יעופף על-הארץ על-פני רקיע השמים. ויברא אלהים את-התנינם הגדלים ואת כל-נפש החיה הרמשת אשר שרצו המים למינהם ואת כל-עוף כנף למינהו וירא אלהים כי-טוב.

We have finally reached the creation of the lower animals.
On the fifth day God creates the birds and the bugs,
the fish and the slugs,
creepy crawlies,
and all the slithery things of the sea.

Over the next few lessons we are going to do some creature creation of our own…



The first step in this multi-stage exercise requires you to choose an object that has a close and personal meaning to you. Research it, as a complete whole and as a sum of all its parts. Here are some questions to get you started -

What is its shape?
How is it made?
How is it constructed?
How can it be disassembled into its components?
What are its components?
What is the hierarchy between them?
What are its materials?
What is the significance of its color, its texture?
What is its purpose, its function?
What is its meaning? What is its unique meaning to you?

Create a selection of compositions based on your research. These are entirely free formats – photography, sketching, drawing, filming, collage, relief, statuary, dance, song, theater – anything is acceptable as long as you can justify it logically and associatively from your research.

Freedom is a responsibility you have earned – are you up for the challenge?
Are you going to go out there and do your best to leave us all stunned and amazed?
Your research should be presented next lesson in whatever form you see fit.


Based on your research, and work so far, recombine your object into a creature of your own invention. Your creature can be an entirely original creation or it can be based on animals we are familiar with. Here are again, some questions to get the mind juices flowing…

What is the logic behind your creature’s evolution?
What is its form? Size? Color? Texture?
Why has it taken this form?
How does it live? (Eat? Sleep? Procreate? Defecate?...)
How is it born? How does it grow?
What is its mood?

What is its purpose in the grand scheme of life?
What is its meaning? What is its unique meaning to you?

Live long and prosper…

Friday, December 14, 2007

Facebook | Design addict

Join Facebook | Design addict...

Exercise 10 is online

Hey people,

Exercise 10 is now online for your viewing pleasure
Picasa Web Albums - Mike - Exercise 10 (...

Those of you who want to be involved in, what is now officially, the end of the semester program, for our class and Tali's, should make an effort to visit the Levontin 7 in TA as soon as possible.

There is an opportunity tonight...


Frank Gehry

This album contains a selection of pictures from Galina's lecture about Architect Frank Gehry.

Picasa Web Albums - Mike - frank gehry


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cool Online Design Magazine - DeZeen

Ever so often I bump into a really nice design magazine online, Dezeen
is exactly such a magazine...

Inkscape. Draw Freely.

The only missing part of the package - a vector graphics editor - as alway, open source and entirely free...
Inkscape. Draw Freely.

Captain Internet has finally discovered GIMP

A while back I told you about the open source sister to Adobe Photoshop - an application called GIMP.
Today it is featured on Haaretz's Captian Internet column as "news". This is amusing to me as GIMP has been around for so many years that it was used for the creation of the original Google logo...

Those of you who wish to download GIMP will find the link and a link to tutorials in Hebrew in the article:
במקום להוריד פוטושופ - חדשות -הארץ

If you are looking for a free 3D application you may want to check out Blender.

Photoshop costs around 1200$, Max or Maya - above 5000$.
You can save over 6200$ by clicking these two links - not bad eh?


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hannukah Special - Get news from here in your Gmail account

You can add this sites feed to your gmail account. It Looks something like the pic at the top of this post.

In order to add this feature you log into your GMail account
Don't have a Gmail? Get one here.

Click on “Settings” at the top right.


Click on the yellow “Web Clips” tab.


Make sure the “Show My Web Clips above the Inbox” is checked.
In the search box to the left enter or Copy-Paste the following:

Enter Text and click

Click “Search”

Now click on “Add”


You should see at the top of your screen the following:

HIT Foundations of Design Feed Added

For your information you can remove all the other RSS feeds GMail is sending you,
Click the “Remove” button near the feeds you don’t want.

Whaddya know?
Eight easy steps...
Happy Hannukah!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Exercise 10

Just to remind you what was given as your homework assignment:

  1. Create at least 5 * A4 sketches
  2. Create at least 2 * A3 sketches in color
  3. Create at least 2 models of how your final project will be composed and built.
See these pictures - maybe they will help you...

coffee beans used as a material

Red polycarbonate heated and shaped to create a structurally stable object

A nice example of a relief

Nfactorial Hannukah Party

Hannukah Party anyone?

I know that the promoters are very interested in collaborating with young and talented artists - they want to put up an exhibition.
Contact them and see what happens

Facebook | Nfactorial

You can also check them out on Myspace:

Israel Art Calendar