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Exercise 11 - Things that go bump in the night - the research

The research for exercise 11 is now online - enjoy...

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As for the exercise itself:

Exercise 11 – Things that go bump in the night…

יאמר אלהים ישרצו המים שרץ נפש חיה ועוף יעופף על-הארץ על-פני רקיע השמים. ויברא אלהים את-התנינם הגדלים ואת כל-נפש החיה הרמשת אשר שרצו המים למינהם ואת כל-עוף כנף למינהו וירא אלהים כי-טוב.

We have finally reached the creation of the lower animals.
On the fifth day God creates the birds and the bugs,
the fish and the slugs,
creepy crawlies,
and all the slithery things of the sea.

Over the next few lessons we are going to do some creature creation of our own…



The first step in this multi-stage exercise requires you to choose an object that has a close and personal meaning to you. Research it, as a complete whole and as a sum of all its parts. Here are some questions to get you started -

What is its shape?
How is it made?
How is it constructed?
How can it be disassembled into its components?
What are its components?
What is the hierarchy between them?
What are its materials?
What is the significance of its color, its texture?
What is its purpose, its function?
What is its meaning? What is its unique meaning to you?

Create a selection of compositions based on your research. These are entirely free formats – photography, sketching, drawing, filming, collage, relief, statuary, dance, song, theater – anything is acceptable as long as you can justify it logically and associatively from your research.

Freedom is a responsibility you have earned – are you up for the challenge?
Are you going to go out there and do your best to leave us all stunned and amazed?
Your research should be presented next lesson in whatever form you see fit.


Based on your research, and work so far, recombine your object into a creature of your own invention. Your creature can be an entirely original creation or it can be based on animals we are familiar with. Here are again, some questions to get the mind juices flowing…

What is the logic behind your creature’s evolution?
What is its form? Size? Color? Texture?
Why has it taken this form?
How does it live? (Eat? Sleep? Procreate? Defecate?...)
How is it born? How does it grow?
What is its mood?

What is its purpose in the grand scheme of life?
What is its meaning? What is its unique meaning to you?

Live long and prosper…

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