Monday, November 13, 2006

Marathon, Links, and Israeli Erotica.

Hello All,

Today you are going to be involoved in the presentations you have all prepared for "Cover" and I must say I am quite excited to see what you have all come up with.

The following are links to Israeli Forums and E-Zines dealing with Art and Culture, FYI:

Ynet's art forum - with over 400 active participants, by far Israel's largest Art forum. Mostly amateur work but some professionals as well. The members of this forum have organized a number of exhibitions over time. - Art, Culture, Media. A vibrant and exciting site dealing often with the cutting edge and the fringes. - This is more of a souped up Blog, to my taste, than an actual site, but has some original and interesting (if somewhat eclectic) content. Check it out.


The above image of mine is called 72 Virgins and is related to a bit of a discussion about Israeil Erotica that I am trying to provoke through my activities in the Dex community. My goal is to try and arrange an exhibition of Israeli Erotica. To see what all the buzz is about enter the community here (It's all hebrew - sorry). Other work of mine can be seen on my gallery at Dex.

Thats all for now, see you soon.

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