Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Instruction for the coming project

I have recieved e-mails and phone calls asking questions so:

You have each been assigned a color.

You were required to bring to class the following:
  1. Music relating to the color
  2. An article of clothing relating to the color
  3. Food relating to the color
  4. A book relating to the color
  5. Etc...

You are now all required to research a character, historical figure, celebrity, who relateto your color and create a story involving this person and relating to all the objects above, and more.

For Thursday I expect to see good solid beginnings of this research - you do not need to have your full presentation ready but you MUST have sketchs, photos, a storyboard, materials, etc.

We will have a studio class on Thursday - meaning that we will be working in class and I will be sitting with each of you personally to help you with your work. I expect you not to waste our time together...




This is a link to the Color Theory presentation I gave last lesson.

Runge's Color Sphere here

Further learning:

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