Thursday, October 26, 2006

Exercise 1 - Static and Dynamic Compostions

One sheet of sketch paper 100cm*70cm
Two sheets of Bristol paper 30cm*30cm

Using a pencil draw on a sheet of sketch paper, 100cm*70cm in size, a continuous line describing your trip to Israel.

Select one portion of the line that you feel is Static and one portion of the line that you feel is Dynamic.

Frame each section with a 25cm*25cm square drawn with a fine black pen on the sketch paper.
Copy and enlarge these lines on two separate sheets of bristol 40cm*40cm in size using a black medium of your choice (pencils, pens, ink, brushes, etc.)

Notice the relationship between your line and the format.
The creation of a line also defines the space surrounding the line.
Create a number of sketches for the line, test a number of options for each enlargement – display these trials as part of your presentation.
Examine your creation from various distances – what effect does it achieve at different viewpoints?

I wish you a fruitful and fun semester!!!

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