Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Exercise 3 – Point vs. Line - 1D vs. 2D – Emotions through abstract

Four 40cm*40cm sheets of 180/240 gr' Bristol paper.

Using an unlimited number of cutout forms of lines and points create two black and white collages conveying two different emotions of your choice.

Create two black and white compositions , conveying two different emotions of your choice, with only 3 points and 3 lines MAXIMUM for both compositions. You may divide the shapes between the formats as you wish. You may use any technique you wish.


  1. Remember what we discussed in the class.
  2. Is it possible to create a mood within such restrictions?
  3. You are handing in four formats. What is the connection between them?
  4. Notice the relationship between your work and the format – use it to your benefit.
  5. Create a number of sketches before actually creating your final pieces – display these trials as part of your presentation.
  6. Examine your creations from various distances – what effect do they achieve at different viewpoints?
  7. This exercise deals with the fundamental elements of all 2D and 3D discussions
  8. Hang you work in class at the beginning of the lesson in a dignified manner that will maximize it's effect. The presentation is also part of the exercise.

Good Luck!!!

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