Friday, November 02, 2007

What do silly walks and design have in common?

Hi Everybody
(Hi Dr. Nick...)

Today we had our first presentation of a partially three dimensional project.

I think that the time has come for us to become serious about design so I suggest you pay attention to the video attached later in this post.
It is Monty Python's immortal sketch
"The Ministry of Silly Walks".

As you will see the sketch tells the tale of a man who is applying to the "Ministry of Silly Walks" for government funding in order to develop his own silly walk.

Although it may not appear so at first this sketch has a number of important lesson to teach about the design process.

I suggest you watch the video and continue reading afterwards...

What have we learned?
  1. It is very important to remember to have fun while we work.

  2. You need to be really "silly".

    If we want to be taken seriously we must first take ourselves seriously. John Cleese's character is not impressed with the applicant's silly walk because "It isn't particularly silly".

    You need to impress on your audience the fact that you have made an effort to explore all the possible options available to you and made a conscious decision to select one of these options.

    The best one.

  3. Being silly is hard work.

    Can you imagine how much effort and practice were required from John Cleese to perfect his silly walk? Do you see any reason why your projects should not recieve the same amount of effort?

I wish you all a silly Shabbat and expect to see some really good examples of your best efforts on Monday's lesson.


: )

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