Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exercise 8 – "It's not all black and white"

ויאמר אלוהים, יהי מאורות ברקיע השמיים, להבדיל, בין היום ובין הלילה

On the fourth day God creates the Sun and Moon and all the Stars to differentiate between the day and the night. How do you differentiate between day and night? How do your moods/feelings/expressions change as light fades into night?



This amazing world envelops us in a myriad of colors that invoke a wide range of different responses (emotional, intellectual, associative, contextual, etc.)

Create a color Triptych* composed of three formats that portray the transition of your day in to your night. Technique is free however the triptych must be at least 120cm wide (note than a triptych’s middle panel is normally larger than the two “wings” on the sides)


Look at the notes given and take into consideration the transformations in the three pieces - not only colour changes, but maybe shapes, compositions, elements and the feelings your images portray.

Be Colorful!


* Triptych - a work of art (usually a panel painting or relief) divided into three sections, which are hinged together and fold. The middle panel is the larger one, and flanked by two lesser, related works.

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