Monday, November 12, 2007

Exercise 7 – the series continues…


  • Recreate and improve your series describing the process of sprouting, being born, budding, etc.
  • Use color to emphasize the process your series describes
  • Every one of the five panels should be exactly 20*60 cm.
  • You may use any technique for this project.


  1. The final series is the focus of this exercise. See the images attached - they are examples of projects done as series in a different exercise. Create the sketches for the project in this context.
  2. How do the five panels become more than the sum of their parts?
  3. How are they displayed on the wall?
  4. What is the relation between them?
  5. What stays the same, what changes?
  6. Make a test for the technique you are using.

Good Luck!!!

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