Monday, October 29, 2007

Exercise 5 = 2.5D

ויאמר אלוהים, ייקוו המים מתחת השמיים אל-מקום אחד, ותיראה, היבשה; ויהי-כן. י ויקרא אלוהים ליבשה ארץ, ולמקוה המים קרא ימים; וירא אלוהים, כי-טוב...

The third day of creation signifies the transition from creation through divination to creation in its own right. On the third day God brings forth land out of the waters and grows the grass. We will signify this special third day with a transition out of the flat and into the wonderful realm of relief.

Relief - This method of sculpting entails raising the portrayed image above the flat background surface slightly without achieving full 3D complexity.
  • Create a Relief based on either your Shape-Stain-Line or Circle-Triangle-Square black and white composition.

  • The Final Relief should be black and white and the size of your format should be 40*40 – 70*70 cm.

  • You are required to hang both the original work and the sketches for the Relief in class.

  1. Plan ahead what areas will be raised and what areas will lowered – what is your logic for deciding elevation?
  2. Make a number of small tests for the materials you are using.
Good Luck!!!

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