Sunday, March 25, 2007

Exercise 5 – Design in Da'Hood!

We live in it, buy our groceries in it, run our errands in it, greet the people in it, go to its' local dives. It is the first circle we belong to, not due to ties of blood or friendship but simply due to geography. Its' our neighborhood.

Over the Pesach break you will conduct a research of your neighborhood and prepare 2D and 3D presentations that bring together elements that are symbolic and emblematic of your neighborhood, either personally, or generally. Your research will encompass a single chosen example of each of the following taken from your neighborhood:

1. A space / place.
2. An object.
3. A graphic symbol, example of graffiti, sign, etc.
4. A persona / character.
5. A sound, musical piece

On the first lesson after Pesach (12.4.07) you are required to present a complete presentation that presents your understanding and perspective of the above assignment, including:

• 2D component (format 100*70Cm at least)
• 3D component (Format free)
• Accompanying sound or music

After this presentation we will conduct a studio lesson (16.4.07) to allow for improvements and our final presentation will be the lesson afterwards (19.4.07).

Good Luck

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