Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Exercise 12 – "In His Image"

God created us “in his image” but never explained what this means. It has always been our responsibility to give it an interpretation, worthy of his trust. Like every loving father he left it up to us…
The next few lessons will be dedicated to the final act of creation and our last exercise this semester.
The exercise is an exploration of our self, our image, our persona. The meaning of
בצלמו ובדמותו


Presentation 1 - Poster –Thursday 3.1.08
Think about yourself - Who are you? What makes you - you? Why? Where are you? How did you get here? Why did you come? Where are you from? Was it your natural environment or just your place of origin? Are you aware? Are you awake?

As always the key to finding the answers to these questions is through a research of your surroundings. Pair up with a friend and reflect upon the questions listed above. You will discover that your taste in music, food, clothes, literature, cinema, art, etc. are a key to who you are.
ספר לי מי הם חבריך ואומר לך מי אתה is a truism as old as man…

Create a poster (100*70cm, free technique) of the conclusions of your research and who you are.

Presentation 2 – 3D body object–Thursday 10.1.08
Based upon your research you are required to create a body object reflecting who you are – an object that is in close contact with your body. The object is to be presented attached to you and you are to view yourself as part of your presentation.


1. God is in the details - Pay great attention to all the details of your project.

2. Reflect upon how your object and your body connect.
Remember that design is all about the connections between elements.

3. How are you going to present your object?
What will signify that you are an integral part of the presentation?

4. Are you free? Really free? How do you know? Can you show us?

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