Friday, April 27, 2007

Exercise 6 – Tribal Design

Since the dawn of mankind we have lived in Tribes.
With the globe shrinking due to improvements in communication we find ourselves redefining our identities. More and more of us see ourselves belonging less to nations and states and more to new tribal like associations: We define ourselves as skaters, tech-geeks, surfers, skinheads, punks, etc…

Over the next week you will conduct a research of the tribe you belong to or a tribe of your choice.

On the first lesson after the Ashram (7.5.07) you will present your research and the process that you have begun (sketches, models) during studio.

On Thursday the 10.5.7 you will present one of the following according to your choice:

  1. A bill from your tribe's currency – 2D maximum 20cm*40cm.
  2. The prize your tribe gives during it's annual award ceremony (your tribe's Oscar) – 3D 20cm*20cm*40cm.

Good Luck

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